Chemical assessment

We can inspect your chemical usage, to ensure they meet required standards. If you already have standards for the chemicals that you use, we can control that your suppliers comply with them. If you do not currently have required standards, we can help you set up criteria so that the standard will be suitable for your activity. We perform simple hazard assessments, focusing on chemical properties, and more advanced risk assessments where exposure to animals and humans are taken into account. The European chemicals legislation REACH has increased the general awareness about chemicals, which means that it has become more important to actively act to reduce the risks for the environment as well as for human health.


Many chemicals have properties that can be damaging to the environment or to human health. Hazard assessment of chemicals that occur in a product makes it easier to avoid products that contain chemicals with undesired effects. A hazard assessment is a relatively simple assessment where only the chemicals' properties are taken into account. A better assessment is a risk assessment, but this requires more information and takes longer to carry out.


In many cases it is possible to reduce environmental impact by switching to chemicals that are less damaging to the environment. Doing this requires knowledge on which substances ought to be avoided and which could be used as substitutes. EnviroPlanning can compare different chemical products according to the environmental hazards caused by their ingredients. This makes choosing the most environmentally friendly alternative easier.