Construction phase, road and railway

During the construction of a road or a railway, there is a significant risk of environmental impact. It is therefore important that the work is supervised by environmental experts and that the environmental status is monitored during the construction period. The contractors are obliged to take precautions so that the environment is not damaged, but they do not always have the necessary expertise. EnviroPlanning has experience of field work where we carry out various measurements to monitor the environment and help contractors as well as clients.


EnviroPlanning can assist with on-site environmental project management during the construction phase. Our experienced consultants can assist both purchasers and contractors in carrying out operations in accordance with current environmental regulations and guidelines, i.e. environmental and ecological clerk-of-works service. This can involve, e.g. erecting protective fencing around trees, avoiding contamination and turbidity in watercourses to protect fish, or inspecting construction materials to ensure that toxic substances are not spread into the groundwater.

During road and railway construction it is sometimes necessary to carry out operations that will affect ground or surface water. Examples of this are rerouting water courses or altering the groundwater level. This type of operation requires a permit for water operations. EnviroPlanning can assist with the neccessary application and suggest measures for ensuring that the operations do not affect the aquatic environment in the long-term.