Ecotoxicological monitoring

The use of chemicals in society is increasing all the time, and much of what we use ends up in the environment. Although many chemicals today undergo risk assessment, levels in the environment can sometimes be so high that plants and animals become affected. To assess contamination levels, samples are collected from the environment and analysed. EnviroPlanning can provide experts who can set up toxicological monitoring programmes and certified personnel for collecting samples. Analyses are carried out at accredited laboratories.


At many sites earlier operations contaminated the land. The most appropriate measures for dealing with contamination differ according to how the land will be used in future and the type and level of contamination. Sometimes it is best to leave the land undisturbed to avoid further spread of contaminants, while sometimes a costly clean-up is required. In order to make the right decision, it is necessary to first investigate the level of contamination and relate this to future land use. The same reasoning can be applied to existing buildings (e.g. PCB, asbestos) or demolition waste from buildings and infrastructure.

Many operations that release waste water into the environment are required to carry out regular receiving water controls. This can involve monitoring fish numbers and wellbeing, or taking samples of water or biota to measure the occurrence of certain chemicals. EnviroPlanning offers experienced and certified personnel who can carry out electrofishing, net fishing and take water samples. We co-operate with several labs in Sweden and Europe for chemical analyses. EnviroPlanning can also competently analyse results and assess environmental risks.

Screening of environmental toxins is carried out to obtain information on the occurrence of substances that are used in large amounts or involve an environmental risk. Screening is usually carried out at sites where high levels of substances are expected, for example, water treatment works, industrial sites and landfill sites. EnviroPlanning can set up screening programmes and has certified personnel who can collect samples.