Environmental monitoring

After any type of impact on the environment, it is important to monitor the effects on local animals and plants. In some cases, an improvement may be expected, e.g., after the establishment of a nature reserve. It is more common, however, is to investigate whether post-exploitation negative ecological impact is at an acceptable level. If monitoring reveals a negative impact, further investigative monitoring can be carried out to look for causes. EnviroPlanning has considerable expierience in environmental monitoring in both terresterial and aquatic environments.


Reliable studies are required to accurately assess how an event or operation will affect the environment. One metgod that can be used is Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI). The area under investigation is monitored before and after the operation, and the results are compared with an unaffected control area. BACI can be used with a variety of environmental monitoring methods, for example, plant surveys, electrofishing and ecotoxicological analyses.